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36 is a progressive firm dedicated to designing and executing  commercial and residential spaces. Located in Jeddah, KSA and operating regionally, 36's uniqueness comes from its ability to weld world-class design and technology with local insights.


by 2016, the shifting economy in the Gulf, the rising demand for creative solutions and the aspiration of two young individuals, who live and work in different places, to steer their career paths towards more innovative routes, made a good case for a venture.


During a social event in Jeddah, an invitation card, numbered "36", brought a designer and an architect together on the same table. 36 was first discussed there and then.


36 wants to lead in the field of space design and execution, this will be a means to the end, that of elevating local and regional professionalism and creativity.

SilkDeer Complex, Jeddah

SilkDeer Complex, Jeddah

We are located in one of the top facilities in town, in which the spaces were designed by us.

Our Space

Our Space

We made sure our environment is designed by us, SDE complex is a showcase by itself. when you drop by we will make sure to give you a tour

Our Space

Our Space

We treat ourselves to a comfortable and homelike atmosphere. We love space and this is what we surrounded our desks with.

Our Reception Space

Our Reception Space

designed to accommodate our visitors with the hospitality they deserve

Our Meeting Space

Our Meeting Space

The atmosphere is warm and professional. We make sure everyone walks into a good vibe and walks out with a clear idea about what went on inside.

The SilkDeer Complex

The SilkDeer Complex

our environment is a showcase by itself. when you drop by we will make sure to give you a tour

Minds at Work

Minds at Work

our team is a collective of independent minds, each bring their genius side to the table.

Our Attention to Details

Our Attention to Details

You can make sure that we don't leave any stone unturned while finding a solution to your needs

Our Services


design concepts



project management

A-Z execution

a-la-carte execution


project studies



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Our founder

Rawan Batterjee

Design Director

Every kitchen has a head chef and Rawan certainly knows her ingredients, Rawan is a born leader and a multi-talented individual. She consistently achieves her goals with a no- nonsense style. She expects the best from her team and provides the encouragement and support for them to reach their highest capabilities. Rawan graduated from Marymount University  in Virginia, Washington with a BA in Interior Architecture. She joined Eurodesign in 2007 as an Interior Designer and grew with the company. Rawan maintains quality standards in planning, developing, coordinating, implementing and administrating.  With her magnetic personality she is an expert in conflict resolution and problem solving, and sustains strong client relations through communication and consistent follow up.

Rawan's portfolio

A word from our clients

We had a great experience designing an entire facility with 36, and we will do it again without hesitation; team is professional, cooperative and more importantly avant-garde

Silvio Saade

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