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Speed Track Quickly became the largest Film Production House in Saudi Arabia, and had to relocate into newer, bigger offices to match this evolution.

36 was approached to help bring in a concept, a design and an executional plan to the newly acquired space, and so it did!

Today Speed Track staffers are enjoying a laid back working environment that helps absorb the work pressure and, at the same time, inspire creativity.



Our client, a renowned fashion designer wanted to bring the sea into her rather boxy  Jeddah apartment. Our team made a holistic scan of the space and the residents before proposing ideas.


The result is a cosy fusion of ethnic patterns and colors with an unreserved use of contemporary material. 


Art Pieces

Project: Private Villa, Interior Remodeling

Client: Mrs. Gabbani

Location: Jeddah

Style: Modern African ethnic

Concept: African art pieces 



Project: Private Villa, Interiors Remodeling

Client: Mrs. Khoja

Location: Jeddah

Style: Modern ethnic

Concept: recycling Family art pieces & library



Project: Private Villa, Architecture & Interiors

Location: Jeddah

Client: Mr. B.Alhussaini

Style: Modern

Concept: Cubism

Project: Sales Center

Location: Jeddah

Client: EMAAR

Style: Modern

Concept: Cubism

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